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My Answer to: Everything Wrong With The Hobbit in 4 Minutes Or Less

My Answer to: Everything Wrong With The Hobbit in 4 Minutes Or Less

Well... A bit out of topic on a blog supposed to be about InfoSec, even though we have an excellent example of one time (a year) two factor authentication in this book & movie ;)

Everything Wrong With The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey In 4 Minutes...

Badly stored bread, burning candles, etc. Hey, this a fantasy movie, inspired by one the best fantasy book in history. What did you expect ? This is a magick world. I won't argue with every one of your mean points.

Elvish blades don't shine a blue light, except Sting ? Peter Jackson explained it well in The Lord Of The Rings comments: with all these shining elvish blades, the movies would have looked too much like Star Wars.

As for the Eagles, you should read the books, friend. The answer is in the Silmarillion (and the Lost/Unfinished Tales). It was kind of a hell of a headache for JRR Tolkien to prevent the Eagles to spoil his plots. So Manwë decided to send His Eagles to help a bit the people of Middle-earth, but not too much, as the main tasks remain their to accomplish.

And you missed one AWFULL mistake : when Thorin stands up to fight Azog, at the end of the movie, he has his legendary oakenshield which was never seen before, upgraded with some metal blades. How did he got it ? Sure it's not a pine branch, sure we didn't see him carrying it before, sure he couldn't keep it during the battle with the goblins, he was lucky enough to keep his elvish blade, Orcrist.

So yes, Peter Jackson made many mistakes in his movies. As a fan of JRR Tolkien, reading at least The Silmarillion, the Hobbit, The Lord Of The Rings once a year (twice in fact, in French and in English) and his other "unfinished" books, of course I don't agree with all what Peter Jackson did in his movies. But I forgive him, he had to bend things a bit to give a good show, and in the end, he remained fairly true to the books. His movies' success led many to know and read JRR Tolkien's books, and that what's important in the end.

Finding ways to evangelize Tolkien's writings is a bit like evangelizing Information Security. Not an easy task.

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