lundi 12 août 2013

Weapons Control, or not ?

Long time I didn't post anything on this blog, sorry, I was working on my CISSP exam, successfully passed, now waiting for recommendations and experience validation :)

For some years in the USA, the question of weapons control hits the news, more after every tragedy, for obvious reasons.
Many weapons like automatic rifles which are rather freely available in the USA are tightly controlled in most European countries.

Nevertheless, in some european big cities suburbs, this kind of weapons became easily available and affordable for gangs, after the war in former Yugoslavia and the fall of eatern Europe's communist regimes.
This was and still is a challenge for law enforcing forces and security companies (banks/ATMs, cash transport, jewel shops, etc.).

I'm not an expert in weapons, I won't try to argue for one side or the other.

My point here, is we seem to have a similar situation in our not so virtual world: iOS vs Android.

iOS is like an European country, with a tight policy preventing even legitimate and anti-malware software editors to have access to the low-level OS to build efficient protection software.

Android is more like the USA: the OS is more accessible, making life easier for malware creators AS WELL AS for anti-malware and protection software writers.

My 2 cents:

- The "fortress" of iOS will be breached, with devastating effects. Just an hint which is #1 here: Top 10 most Worrying Things We Saw at Black-Hat
  0-days on iOS are among the most expensive on the black market, which is a kind of limited and temporary protection: only state agencies/spies can afford them. For how long ?

- The "arms race" logic which will prevail on Android will hit more the security news in months and years to come.
  This will be an iterative process: more threats, counter-weighted by more protection techniques, and so on.

As a strong supporter of Agile methods and their iterative processes, you'll guess which side I'm on ;)
At least on the long term.

I don't say I have the same opinion about firearms control, but it's not the subject of this blog, and opinions can change.