mardi 26 février 2013

Information Security Yield a Bunch of Ranting

You rant when your system is denying you a legitimate access, or just hindering your work.

You rant when your system is breached.
You rant when fellow workers do wrong and put your organization at risk.
You rant when the company/organization you trusted is breached (Certification Authorities, White List providers, etc.).
You rant when there is a bug, security related or not.
You're right, nothing new, DON'T PANIC! ;)
Some info about me:
I'm kind of a newbie in InfoSec, though I had to deal with security for a long time, since I first had to administer internet servers; that was back in 1995.
I worked in some different domains, Operations, R&D, Logistics, Deliveries (not only on software projects) and more and more in management.
Got hit by and witnessed some breaches along the road.
In these latest years, I had the privilege to work at F-Secure, though this was a mere accident ;) The fellows there inoculated me with a virus I was destined to catch. I would never thank them enough for that :)

So I'm taking the opportunity to be out of job for now to study InfoSec, and try to pass some certifications, for a start.

This blog will host my thoughts about this large subject, comments about issues and/or security news, no promise it will be updated as regularly as it should, depending of my schedule.

This (not so) virtual world is changing, I feel it in the cables, I feel it on my servers, I smell it on my wifi... But all is not lost and nothing will be forgotten.

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